Vivo S1 Android 9.0 MTK Smart Phone

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  • 6G 64G Blue
  • 6G 64G Pink
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S1 breaks through the front camera, infrared sensor and other components in the fuselage, the screen ratio is as high as 90.95%, whether you watch video or play games can be immersive



Unique lifting design, daily ingenious stealth, true full screen design, automatic rise during self-timer, experience new self-portrait fun, lifting parts using the most advanced physical vapor deposition (PVD) coloring process, whether rising or hidden Presenting the beauty of harmony



S1 with super high value, innovative color matching, moving colors, at first sight


Front 24.8 million high-definition camera, which can recognize 103 basic feature points of the face, with the newly upgraded AI beauty function, customize the exclusive beauty program for you, let you easily have the protagonist


Dual-core 12.0MP megapixel main camera, with 120-degree wide-angle lens and blur lens tacit cooperation, with AI smart algorithm, easily capture the real world in your eyes, whether it is natural scenery, or portrait photo, take a shot, are texture big, let You fall in love with taking pictures


Capturing natural light and shadow requires technology and luck, and the S1’s own light and shadow effect allows you to have it anytime, anywhere.


With 3940mAh large battery + dual engine flash charge, strong battery life, power online at any time, let you say goodbye to the anxiety of no electricity, take pictures and watch TV


The Muti-Turbo multi-turbo acceleration engine developed by Vivo rewrites the underlying core template of Android by nearly 20%, with eight-core processor and 6GB storage. The system runs smoothly and greatly reduces the probability of mobile phone jam.





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